Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

Getting your passport can save you and your family from the political unrest, civil or terrorism of your current location. Your Vanuatu passport will allow you to travel to countries whereby your current national passport does not allow you to do so.

Your decision to acquire the Vanuatu passport is a wise and thoughtful decision to join millions of international business people, wealthy individuals and families that have obtained their Vanuatu passport to travel to countries that their national government have imposed travel restrictions on. In addition, your second citizenship will guarantee you on the following:
  • Lower your taxes;
  • Protect your assets;
  • Give you, your financial privacy;
  • Greater personal and financial security; and
  • Zero taxes on life insurance and pensions.


1. Fast track citizenship
  • Simple and fast application process.
  • Government of Vanuatu takes up to 30 days for considering and processing the applications.